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Francesca Fini

Francesca Fini is an Italian interdisciplinary artist working with experimental cinema, digital animation, new media, installation and performance art. Her projects often address issues related to the influence of society on gender issues, and they mix traditional media, digital 2D and 3D animations, performance Art, generative audio and video. Her work has been presented in many festivals and venues: among them the WRO Biennale in Poland (in 2011 and 2021), NordArt Fair in Germany, FILE Electronic Language in Brasil, MEM Festival at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, the Japan Media Arts Festival in Tokyo, CYBERFEST Russia, A plus A Gallery (Slovenian National Pavilion at the Venice Biennale), Palazzo delle Esposozioni, MACRO end MAXXI Museums in Rome, Videoformes Festival and Instants Video numériques et poétiques in France.


Cristina Cenci
cristina cenci 

Cristina Cenci coordinates the artistic and digital humanities projects of the Rocca Sinibalda Castle. She deals with digital innovation and curates the Digital Health blog on Nòva-SOLE24ORE. A co-founder and member of the editorial board of the social science Journal IL CORPO (The Body), she contributed to the design of the ENDECAMERON artistic residency project. She has created an innovative SME integrating arts and digital technologies with foster care and psychological support paths that enhance creativity as an individual and organizational resource.

Digital Health

IL CORPO Journal


Enrico Pozzi
professoR, researcher

professor, SPI&IPA psychoanalyst and CEO of Eikon Strategic Consulting. A life-long action-research on individual and collective identities (organizations, institutions, companies). He coordinates the scientific and artistic activities of the Rocca Sinibalda Castle, where he contributed to creating the Endecameron project with Cristina Cenci since 2018. Co-founder of the social science Journal IL CORPO. His obsession: to favor in every way the fertile intertwining between advanced scientific research and avant-garde artistic creativity, under the banner of digital humanism.

Eikon Strategic Consulting

IL CORPO Journal


International Psychoanalytical Association

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