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A Dream In Stone - The Trailer!

We are happy to share the official trailer that summarizes some of the eight short films making up the A Dream In Stone digital art castle collection.

The project will be launched on the Seditionart platform next 21 September 2022, with a very first day of pre-sale limited to an exclusive audience of collectors. If you want to participate in this pre-sale, subscribe to our newsletter!

On September 22, the collection will be finally open to the public on Francesca Fini's profile page (LINK)

An avant-garde yet Renaissance architectural achievement in its own right, the Rocca Sinibalda Castle has always hosted over the centuries highly innovative artissts, architects, saints, writers, poets, performers, film makers, utopians, and patrons of the arts.

Spearheading modernity, the thousand year old Castle has now turned digital. The four editions of its art residency and festival Endecameron have been steering towards digital art. As the driving force of this project, the internationally known video artist Francesca Fini has become a protagonist and the curator of both Endecameron and the Castle’s current artistic identity: digital humanism through digital video art.

This September, a special collection made up of 8 videos, created as a part of this project, will be released for the first time on Sedition. Stay tuned for more!


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