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The Divine Bull

In this eighth and last video of the Digital Art Castle collection, we explore the myth of Europa, kidnapped by Jupiter, who turns into a beautiful bull to seduce her. Giorolamo Muziano's fresco sets this famous ancient myth in an idyllic landscape full of frozen serenity. Even the violence, ideally underlying the act of kidnapping, seems to dissolve in the stillness and composure of the figures. The bull is strangely meek as if tamed in turn by the girl. Girolamo Muziano always gives us a personal perspective of the stories he tells, reinterpreting them.

In my video, the classic myth of Jupiter as a Divine Bull blends with the Judeo-Christian golden calf. We meet the totem at the end of a tunnel suspended in the clouds, encouraged by the silent invitation of one of the robots guarding the alien exoplanet.

The animal is almost motionless, resting on top of a hill extracted from Planet Earth and kept as an organic relic of the ideal Nature: a digital icon of all idyllic and idealized painted landscapes.

Above the animal's back, we see a precious frame where the fresco fragment stands out.


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