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The Scorpion And The Spaceship

In the sixth video of the Digital Art Castle Collection, I explore the vertical format. In fact, two videos from the collection will stand out from the others in terms of format and setting. In these two videos, the ideal journey to discover the alien planet, where the relics of humanity have been collected, takes a sudden turn. We are now in the most secret and mysterious place of the archive, where the symbols of the Castle are kept: the scorpion, a tutelary animal that inspired its stony shape, and the heraldic coat of arms.

We discover the spaceship that collects the artifacts floating in space, and, in its metal belly, the time capsules where these two identity symbols are protected and kept.

The sacred scorpion rises from a gold-flecked terracotta vase, which is the detailed 3D reconstruction of one of the ornamental vases in the frescoes by Girolamo Muziano in the Room of Metamorphoses. Its sharp tail stings a sphere of light that feeds the spacecraft's complex ecosystem.


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