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Feelings and Textures

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

One of the most crucial things in 3D Art is the texturing process. Textures are what transform the gray and inanimate flesh of objects in the aseptic 3d space into something alive and vivid.

Textures are the timbre of a musical instrument, intonation in a song, and the power of smells told by Proust: they evoke atmospheres, memories, and tactile sensations, and instill realism or surrealism. Textures guide us in a precise and conscious direction: they represent a choice among the infinite possibilities of digital matter.

At the castle, I'm collecting a lot of textures: the gnarled woods of the doors, the floors, the organic grain of the frescoes, and the skies, like this beautiful one photographed by Cristina Cenci.

These textures contain the history of these places, as noisy witnesses of the use of things, human action, the passage of time, and the contact and gazes of the people who came before us.


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