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My Journey Begins

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

In a few days I will enter Rocca Sinibalda Castle where I will spend a month in an artistic residence to produce the digital collection A Dream In Stone, which will drop on the Sedition Art platform in September 2022. I know these places well, having participated in two Endecameron Festivals organized by the owners. This time I will study these spaces with a new look, animated by the storytelling of this new demanding artistic project.

I will wander like an explorer from another planet, just landed in these places long abandoned by man, and I will try to interpret, read and decode its shapes and images as if I were seeing them for the first time. And then I will stop to meditate and dream, to accurately record the sound of the mountains surrounding the castle, to produce futuristic display cases that will allow me to keep these artifacts, these relics of a vanished world. To take them away with me.

I will bring along my love for the past, my curiosity towards the bizarre, the pride of belonging to a people that has crossed history, leaving behind immense masterpieces. And an array of electronic devices and computers connected to the network that will allow me to reimagine and reconstruct the dormant dreams sleeping in these stones.

Francesca Fini


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