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Narcissus Space Ship

In the fourth video of A Dream in Stone digital art collection, I decided to build the Narcissus space ship, inspired by the classical myth depicted by Girolamo Muziano in one of the frescoes at the Rocca Sinibalda Castle.

Narcissus space ship is a bright platform suspended in a deep blue sky, characterized by a play of mirrored surfaces that continuously transform the architecture under our gaze, as we approach the image of the young man kidnapped by his own reflection.

I reworked the depiction of Muziano in a stained-glass composition, to visually evoke the fragmentary character of this very suggestive figure of classical mythology.

The image itself, the original one painted by Muziano and inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses, will undergo further digital transformations during the video, until its inevitable disintegration: mirroring itself, reflecting itself in a glossy CGI scenario, or merging into surreal reworkings operated by neural networks of guided artificial intelligence.


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