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The Motherboard

In the third video of the collection, this journey to an artificial alien planet, where human remains have been collected and stored, takes us to the operational center of the macrostructure.

We visit the Central Computer of the Exoplanet, which I have depicted with a 3D elaboration of one of the facades of the great courtyard of the Castle. Luminous ribbons depart from the walls, conveying digital information to and from the heart of the Castle.

The Castle repeats itself and multiplies, reflected in the water mirror of its large underground cistern. To get there we must cross a large portal guarded by Minerva which stands out in one of the fake bas-reliefs painted by Muziano in his cycle of Metamorphosis.

At the center of the water mirror, backed by the Castle / Computer, there is the Motherboard, crossed by iconic metamorphoses: The Winged Victory (Fire) turns into a tree (Earth), which turns into a luminous marine wave (Water), which turns into the mutilated statue of Venus mapped with a serene Renaissance sky (Wind).

The motherboard holds an egg in her womb, and Minerva is reflected in the egg, being the protector and the protected at the same time, because the inhabitants of the Castle are simultaneously guarded and guardians of Time.

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