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The Warriors

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

I set the fifth video of the Collection in a desert. We have reached the driest landscape of the exo-planet.

Golden dunes guide us towards a machine with noisy gears, powered by futuristic alien photovoltaic devices: an exotic structure with a mysterious functioning and unpredictable intentions. At the center of the machine, we see a metallic armor, which is the perfect 3D reconstruction of one of the two beautiful armors painted by Girolamo Muziano in the Metamorphosis room of Rocca Sinibalda Castle.

Muziano painted two armors facing each other on the opposite walls of the room: one male and one female. Here the visionary painter adopts a very original and unusual solution for the time: the warrior and the she-warrior challenge each other on the same visual level, with a graphic equivalence and a perfect symmetry of weight, colors, and dimensions.

The metamorphoses in this series of frescoes subtend an ideal mirror image between the male and female elements: the two sides of the same coin of a mythological universe which is by its nature continuous, holistic, and, therefore, digital long before the digital age.


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